Beyond Room 119

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A familiar area code. Someone who has driven the same palm tree lined streets you grew up on. Speaking an acronym without having to explain it. A person who understands what it means when you say you can stare at the ocean for hours – because they’ve done it too.

When this happens, a connection, however tenuous, exists. Like a spider web, wispy, thin, it sways with the wind. And surprisingly, it holds strong more often than it frays. It withstands pressure. And with that, you realize that while life is made up of big moments – graduations, job offers, weddings, births, deaths – it is the small experiences that give it meaning. That not only fill in the space between those chapter titles, but give it color and character. These moments are what make our life unique because with them, we connect with someone else in a way that no one else who has walked this world is capable of doing. Instead of 6 billion individuals living separately together, small threads connect us to the rest of the world. And as our threads interact with others’, we weave an intricate tapestry that never looks the same for more than a fraction of a moment.

Always growing. Continually connecting. Forever changing. This is what it means to be human. This, more than anything else, is what it means to live.