Beyond Room 119


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We were walking along the beach near Barcelona when Reb saw the white tents of the street fair, bright against the dreary sky.

“Let’s check it out!” she said, so we wandered over.

It was different than what I expected. The fifteen or so booths were filled with old coins, antiques, and abstract paintings. They were certainly unique, but not quite my thing. As I was skimming each booth’s offerings, one caught my attention. It was full of wooden signs of all sizes with different phrases and images on them, with the words in that distressed style that’s popular these days. This stand was right up my alley, so I spent a bit of time exploring it.

I looked at a number of signs, laughed at some, skipped others, and paused at one. It had a picture of an acoustic guitar and said, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

Now, I’ve always been good with words, and I’m usually able to find a way to describe almost anything verbally. One of my friends likes to comment that I can condense her twenty minute stories into one or two minutes and still capture the essence of what she’s saying. Ever since high school, I’ve believed in the importance of words. I believe that words are powerful and should never be taken lightly. Because once spoken, words are forever alive – and can take on a life of their own. I think that since I’ve been learning guitar and engaging more with music, though, the veracity of the statement on the sign seems that much stronger.

This week in particular, I’ve been feeling that words can indeed fail, and in the void, music can speak to the heart.

In keeping with that theme, I’ll leave this short and instead, let the music speak for me. Here’s the playlist that’s been running through my head this week:

Hurt by Lady Antebellum

Symphony by Josh Groban

Cable Car (Over My Head) by The Fray

We’re Going Home by Vance Joy

Alone with Me by Vance Joy

….really, the entire Nation of Two album by Vance

Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain) by Gary Allen

Learn to Live by Darius Rucker

No Reins by Rascal Flatts

Take Me Home, Country Roads by John Denver

Get Out of Your Own Way by U2

13 (There is a Light) by U2

Never Alone by Lady Antebellum

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  1. I always love when I see a new Beyond Room 119 in my inbox. This one’s a bonus because I can hear what’s playing in your mind! Thank you, Jamie. Now off to Spotify!

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